Cooking when you have a police officer in the family can be difficult! Even if you are fortunate enough to have your officer on a day time schedule the chances that he will actually get to eat dinner with you and the family are rare. My officer, Officer Hottie, works day shift but still doesn't get home until about two hours after we've eaten dinner so the meals I make need to taste good cold (as he is usually starving the second he walks in the door) and reheated (since I try to make enough to send with him to work the next day).

I hope you can find some meals here that your family will enjoy as much as ours.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poached Eggs

Good morning to you all! (all two of you!)

I feel the need to apologize to Officer Hottie. Since I have decided to do a food blog in addition to my other one I've been snapping pictures of him sitting at the table, eating, going for seconds, loading the dishwasher ... I'm starting to get a look.

At the beginning of the year Hottie and I decided it was time to begin losing weight and we followed Weight Watchers for a bit. I have since deviated a little and am following something closer to a hypoglycemic diet (low sugar, high fiber) but Hottie is still going the WW route and breakfast remains a challenge for both of us. Breakfast has always been a difficulty for me since I don't like a lot of typical breakfast-y type foods. There's something about the texture of oatmeal that gives me the shivers and I probably should see a therapist for my issues with eggs. Cereal doesn't keep me full very long, pancakes aren't much good without syrup, which is too sugary ... suffice to say, I'm a fairly high maintenance breakfast eater.

For some reason, though, I love poached eggs. They are close to food perfection. They are good on their own, they good smothered in hollandaise sauce, they are good with toast. I have yet to see a poached egg that I wasn't willing to devour. For another unknown reason, it took me until 30 years of age to learn how to make them. But it has almost resolved our breakfast dilemma as we've come up with a WW, and hypoglycemic, friendly breakfast that we both enjoy and can eat on a regular basis. Here it is!

You will need ...

(Please excuse the paper towels and camera case in the background. Remember...I'm still new to this!)
One half of an Orowheat sandwich thin (or whichever kind of bread/toast you prefer)
One Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese wedge
One egg
Sriracha hot sauce

To start you need to fill a small pan about half full of water and place it over Med-High heat.

Get it to a rolling boil

Place the egg into a measuring cup. Be careful not to break the yolk.

Once the water is at a rapid boil, gently lower the measuring cup until it is just touching the water and gently put the egg into the water. Let it boil for 2-3 minutes depending on how yolk-y you like it.

Once it's in, it looks kind of funny. A little like snot. But that's ok.

While the egg is poaching, toast your bread then spread the Laughing Cow cheese on and then ... add Sriracha. Have you ever had this stuff? I've seen it at Teriyaki places and was never brave enough to try it. Hottie found it at Wal-Mart while we were Christmas shopping. He convinced me to taste it and I'm hooked. Utterly and totally hooked. It's spicy and garlic-y and kind of sweet, all at the same time. Don't be afraid to try it. Unless your spouse doesn't eat any ... and then they won't want to kiss you and your nasty spicy garlic breath. Oh, and this is important ... don't forget to make it pretty. Aesthetics are everything.

There is always foam. Egg foam. It's gross ... at least it smells gross. It's smells like eggs. I know, weird. The foam is harmless. I hope.

When the 2-3 minutes is up, and the water is sufficiently foamy, use a slotted spoon to scoop the egg out of the water.

Put that puppy on top of your bread, cheese and Sriracha.

I'm drooling. And I just finished eating this. I think I should make another.

Look at that. Poached egg perfection.

If you are wanting to know, this is a 4 point Weight Watchers breakfast. It keeps Hottie full until lunchtime (he usually gets two eggs). Try it ... I think you'll like it!

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  1. I'm so jealous....I love poached eggs, I miss poached eggs. Thanks for posting this, after 9 months I may have forgotten how to make the perfect poached egg. And yes, Siracha is amazing!!!!